With the rise of the social media phenomenon and the growth of blogs, websites and chat rooms, anybody with an idea, a cause and time can gain an audience to express a point of view.

I’m even making use of this right now in this article. This can be a good thing, to have a vehicle allowing these freedoms. However, along with these expressions of free speech, authors soon realize that it’s the negative that sells and the sensationalist headline-grabbing words that really attract attention.

With regard to tilapia, we have noticed more and more attacks from health, nutrition, cooking, seafood and environmental blogs with stories titled “Eating Tilapia Worse than Eating Bacon and Donuts,” “Farmed Tilapia Good for the Environment, Bad for You,” “Tilapia Eat Poop,” “Tilapia Raised on Feces Hits U.S. Tables” and “Tilapia - The Geneti- cally Modied Fish.” It goes on and on, simply Google the word tilapia and a high percentage of the hits are sensationally titled and negative. But does this really matter? [...]