From Jim Franklin, Secretary of the Americas Tilapia Alliance:

I recently read the article on Chinese Tilapia processing facilities on the Undercurrent News website.  It describes recent market conditions and the processors reaction to high farm gate pricing while retailers are demanding lower prices.  Issues with commodities such as frozen tilapia produced in China for the export market, continue to be opportunities for domestic tilapia suppliers to compete based on quality conscientious consumers and locally grown trends.  I reached out to the author, Louis Harkell, to discuss the article and he submitted a comment for our website.  He is attending the  Seafood Expo Asia in Hong Kong and hopes to have additional information in the future for a follow-up to this article.
Louis Harkell replied as follows, "I spoke with a source based in China who has lots of experience in the sector who told me about the problems with firms in the region of Guangxi. I didn't get any response from the two companies I mentioned in the article, so unfortunately I could not verify the information he told me with other sources. However, what he told me makes sense when one looks at farmgate prices of tilapia - which have been going up -- plus the drop in average prices of China's tilapia exports as the US decreases its imports, and more tilapia is sold to other countries such as Mexico, Iran and Russia, who demand lower prices. Also international competition in the form of Vietnamese pangasius exports has taken its toll. Also, as I mentioned in the story, Baiyang has been suffering losses at its Guangxi-based plants - that is info available in public financial accounts published by the firm. 
Interesting to know is whether other companies in other regions - such as Hainan and Guangdong, two other large production areas - are also struggling. It seems not quite as much, although I'm not sure why. However, tomorrow I will travel to China for the Seafood Expo Asia in Hong Kong and then will visit various tilapia farms in Hainan and Zhanjiang (a region in Guangdong) the week after. Hopefully I'll be able to find out more during these visits!"