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    China’s tilapia price rebound draws aquaculture giant to invest

China’s tilapia price rebound draws aquaculture giant to invest

A turnaround in the country’s tilapia pricing has brought one of China’s biggest aquaculture firms to ramp up its tilapia breeding and processing capacity. Known more for its prawn production and processing, Zhanjiang Guolian Aquatic Co. is ramping up its tilapia seedlings business in a large new facility that has come online in Wuchuan, in the company’s home province of Guangdong. This follows a greatly improved performance by the Chinese tilapia sector in 2013.

Tilapia cultivators were losing money in 2012 as weak demand and disease contributed to a poor outlook. That in turn forced a lot of small aquaculture players to exit the tilapia sector. Interviewed by the local press this week, breeding manager at Guolian’s tilapia base in Wuchuan, Zhao Honglei explained that in 2013 prices grew solidly and demand for fingerlings increased greatly.

“A lot of cultivators exited, they gave up tilapia breeding. There was an enormous fall in tilapia output and a growing gap in supply for processors, so now we are producing tilapia again.”

Data published by the Chinese agriculture ministry shows farm gate prices for tilapia surged from CNY 4.7 (USD 0.77åç, EUR 0.56) per 500 grams (g) (for fish of .5 kilograms (kg) and heavier, a common factory grade) in mid-2013. By the end of 2013 those prices surged to CNY 5.3 (USD 0.87, EUR 0.64) and CNY 5.4 (USD 0.89, EUR 0.65) as factories struggled for a stable supply of tilapia for processing.
Local analysts watching China’s seafood sector have welcomed Guolian’s move into tilapia as a way of insulating the firm against volatility in global shrimp markets.

“The coming online of Guolian’s tilapia breeding project is a good move to spread risk,” explained Wang Fenghua, analyst at Hongyuan Securities, which [...]

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    Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc. Purchases Assets of Emperor Aquatics, Inc.

Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc. Purchases Assets of Emperor Aquatics, Inc.


SANFORD, NC – February 13, 2014 — Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc. announced today it has purchased the assets
of Emperor Aquatics, Inc. (EAI), a leading supplier of UV disinfection and water filtering solutions, on December 31,
2013. EAI is headquartered in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

With the addition of EAI, Pentair is well positioned to address the growing concerns over biosecurity in Aquaculture
and the increased use of UV disinfection in the Pool industry. “This acquisition provides entry into the growing UV
market and is the perfect complement to our existing commercial sanitization products,” said Karl Frykman, President
of Pentair Aquatic Systems.

By establishing a UV center of excellence, Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems looks to continue development of tailored
engineered solutions across all industries.

Robert D. Miller, Chief Financial Officer of Pentair’s Aquatic Systems business, leads the day-to-day operations of
Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems, including EAI.
Pentair Aquatic Systems provides leading edge equipment, accessories and water technology solutions to the
swimming pool, aquaculture and environmental water monitoring industries. Aquatic Systems produces a broad line
of products from pumps and filtration equipment to thermal products, automated controls, lights, automatic cleaners,
water purification and treatment technology, UV sterilizers, electromagnetic flow meters, irrigation controls, and
more. Applications for Aquatic Systems products include maintenance, repair and renovation of existing in-field
equipment, as well as planning and engineered solutions for new installations in North America, Europe, and emerging
markets such as China, Latin America and other countries.
Pentair Ltd. ( delivers industry-leading products, services and solutions for its customers’ diverse
needs in water and other fluids, thermal management and equipment protection. With 2013 revenues of $7.5 billion,
Pentair employs more than 30,000 people worldwide.

Rebecca Osborn
Senior Manager, External Communications
Direct: 763-656-5589